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Question: How many members are in the Catalina Island Yacht Club?

Answer: Membership is capped at 180 members plus their spouses and immediate family.

Question: How can I join the Catalina Island Yacht Club?

Answer: Need to get three current members to approve your application and you need to pay $300 non refundable fee to get on the waiting list. Currently there is about a 2 year wait to get into the the Club.

Question:  If I am a member of another yacht club, can I come to the Catalina Island Yacht Club using reciprocal?

Answer:  Regrettably, Catalina Island Yacht Club is unable to reciprocate with other clubs due to our location and size.

Question: How can I get a new member application?

Answer:  Please talk to an existing member for how to apply for new membership.

Question: Can I rent the Catalina Island Yacht Club for a special event?

Answer: Club will allow use of its premises for local civic and governmental groups, Club Members, and any other local functions that the Board of Directors deems of special benefit to the Club, providing there are no previous commitments. Please talk to an existing member who can ask the Board for permission to rent the Club for special events.

Question: When is Club available to be rented for a special event?

Answer: Club can be rented during the off season after third weekend of October to end of April each year.


 If you have any other questions about the Catalina Island Yacht Club, please email:

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